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The best choice for developers! Delphi, DotNet, Database, ActiveX, Xamarin, Android all kind of tools available here.

Content preview from www.developer.team: We launch V.I.P Membership. Where no bar of V.I.P Membership. For V.I.P Membership we provide direct mirror. This V.I.P part only for developer. Your little donation can help us a lot.1 Day = 30$ ...... Pay NowIn 1 Day Plan you get 3 (three) files ONLY in 24 hours.6 Month = 50$ ...... Pay Now1 Year = 80$ ...... Pay Now2 Year = 140$ ...... Pay NowLifetime = 200$ 100$ ...... Pay NowExclude from VIP products is not a part of VIP membership, but to get it you must have VIP membership account.WARNIN

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